The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how much we consume alcohol across the nation. The negative impact has been great. The time to think about your drinking is now. Get started to stay ahead of the serious effects of alcohol and take control of your drinking. Learn more about the COVID-19 pandemic and alcohol use.

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Our programs help you stop or reduce drinking alcohol to healthy levels.
They’re confidential and personalized to your needs.
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Bottle Cap messaging and coaching programs are designed to help you moderate or abstain from drinking alcohol. If you’re having difficulty drinking at healthy levels, we’re here to help you build skills and take control. Choose 1 of the 2 programs below and get 8 weeks of support.


Daily text messages to support drinking reduction
  • Receive messages personalized to your goals and sent when you want them
  • Send us messages for immediate support
  • Drink tracking and feedback

Coaching plus

Connect with a personal coach who is an expert in drinking interventions plus daily text messages to support drinking reduction
  • Join one on one video sessions with a live coach to discuss strategies for change
  • Write your coach any time between sessions in a private chat
  • PLUS all features of the Messaging Only program

Learn about your drinking. Answer these 5 questions to get started.


On average, how many days per week do you drink alcohol?



On the days you have alcohol, how many drinks do you have on average?

A standard drink is:
Regular beer Beer (12 oz)
Malt (8-9 oz)
Table wine Wine (5 oz)
Fortified (3-4 oz)
Liqueur (2-3 oz)
80-proof spirts Liquor (80 proof spirits)
1.5 oz


About how many days per month do you have more than drinks a day?



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